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Walk! Bike! Fun! Bike Mechanic Trainings Go Beyond the Classroom

The last week of August signals the end of the summer for families, educators, and students. A busy season gathering materials, writing lesson plans and making time to rest and recharge before the school year starts. Educators and staff prepare for the school year throughout August, and during the final week of the summer, Minneapolis Public School educators set aside time to work with our Walk! Bike! Fun! team and complete a bike maintenance training.

Bike maintenance trainings are available for Walk! Bike! Fun! Educators and Ambassadors alike. These trainings provide hands-on instructions to diagnose needed bike repairs, and perform common adjustments, including changing a flat tire and adjusting braking and shifting systems.

This Bike Maintenance session was held at Anne Sullivan school in Minneapolis. These Minneapolis Public School Educators are DAPE (Developmental Adapted Physical Education) certified. DAPE-certified Educators complete extensive trainings to teach physical education to students with a wide range of developmental or physical disabilities. The Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum is designed for Special Education teachers, DAPE and physical education teachers, health teachers, regular classroom teachers, other educators, as well as community members. These Educators have also partnered with Twin Cities Adaptive Cycling (TCAC) for programming throughout the year on-site at Anne Sullivan and Anishinabe Academy.