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Walk! Bike! Fun! at Home Distance Learning

Our distance learning guides, Walk! Bike! Fun! At Home, teach kids safe pedestrian and bicycle behavior with activities that can be completed independently, with adult supervision, or with the whole family.

What’s different?

We have modified activities from our Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum for the Walk Fun! and Bike Fun! Distance Learning Guides. The distance learning guides include both worksheets and outdoor activities. We’ve created these resources so that each activity has options of how the student may complete it, depending on the equipment and technology available to them. The goals of the lesson plans are to teach children to walk and eventually bike safely — building confidence and helping them stay safe, active, and healthy.

Teachers & Educators

Teachers and educators should download the Walk Fun! At Home or Bike Fun! At Home Guides then choose which lessons to share with students. Instruct the students to download the appropriate distance learning guides and share the lessons chosen through the online learning platform of your choice. For each activity within the teacher guide, there is a corresponding activity in the student/parent downloadable guide.

Parents & Students

For Distance Learning information specific to students and parents.

Download the guides

Fill out this form to download the guides. Guides are offered in English, Hmong, Somali and Spanish.

Walk Fun! At Home Contents

Lesson 1
Traffic and You

Lesson 2
Visual Barriers and Street Crossing

Lesson 3
Crossing Intersections

Lesson 4
Stop Look Walk and Scavenger Hunt

Walk Fun! Checklist
End of Course Checklist

Bike Fun! Contents

Lesson 1
Bicycle Ridership and Safety

Lesson 2
Protect Your Melon

Lesson 3
Before You Go

Lesson 4
Getting Started and Getting Stopped

Lesson 5
Drive My Bike Like a Car

Lesson 6
Drive My Bike Like a Car

Lesson 7
Riding on the Road


BikeMN recommends children under age 10 ride on sidewalks and under the leadership of an adult. Extra caution should be used at driveways and intersections. 

Tell Us What You Think

Teachers, please complete the Feedback Form in the Distance Learning Guide.  BikeMN wants to learn how to improve our educational tools. 

Please also remind your students and families to complete the Feedback Form in their Distance Learning Guide.

We greatly appreciate the feedback.