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Walk! Bike! Fun! training for Educators

BikeMN has developed an easy, fun-filled, professional Walk! Bike! Fun! Educator Training for all teachers and educators across Minnesota.

Learn more about this and other trainings offered by BikeMN and MN Safe Routes To School.

Make an Impact

Whether you’re an educator or community member, learn to teach kids through thoughtful, fun, and interactive lessons to learn safety tips and skills that will last them a lifetime.

Be a part of a movement that is catching fire all over Minnesota

Educator training is provided in 2 parts.

Part one is a 2 to 3 hour online, self-paced training that contains learning about Safe Routes to School, Equity and Justice, overview of the curriculum and a deep dive into rules of the road. This training also includes videos, quizzes, discussion questions and time for reflection.

Part two is an in-person, on-bike training for approximately 5 hours, to have teachers and educators teach and practice activities from the curriculum that students will experience.

Benefits of Training

FREE! Trainings are offered at no-cost to educators

Teachers receive their own copy of the curriculum

Training includes both classroom and outside on-bike instruction

Completion of parts one, two and three earns teachers 7 Continuing Education Credits

A $150 stipend per participant to each school to help reimburse for substitute teachers

Trained educators get free support, including Bike Fleet & Adaptive Bike Library reservations.

This training gave me all the confidence and support I needed to lead these lessons with my students.”


Walk! Bike! Fun! is for kids of all abilities

BikeMN recognizes that kids have different physical needs and levels of abilities, which is why we’re excited to include an Adaptive Toolkit, Tips to Differentiated Learning, Activity Adaptations, and Learn to Ride lessons into the curriculum. Educators will find tips and tools to adapt walking and biking for students of all abilities.

Featured Stories and Insights

“I feel like I am able to teach this curriculum because you gave us a great binder with every detail spelled out. Thank you for giving us the tools for success!”

“The hands on biking was excellent. It was great to get out and ride. The actual bike experience, with real life obstacles was beneficial in helping me understand what to look for while biking with a class.”

“The presenters were amazing! Plus, I really appreciated going out on the bike ride and practicing teaching some of the lessons.”

Become a Walk! Bike! Fun! Ambassador

Walk! Bike! Fun! Ambassadors is a training program and educational resource specifically for community members, parents and volunteers who want to lead and help out with walking and biking initiatives for youth in their community.

Participants receive the Ambassadors Guide which includes worksheets, flash cards, leader guides, sample forms and more. This 3 to 4 hour training gives participants a general overview of walking and biking activities and a deep dive into specific activities like…

  • Walking School Bus
  • Bike Trains
  • Bus Stop and Walk / Remote Drop Off
  • Assembly presentations
  • Bike Rodeos
  • Biking and walking mapping

Get Trained in Bike Maintenance

This basic bike maintenance training session is for Walk!Bike!Fun! Educators and Ambassadors alike.

The training provides instruction and hands-on application on diagnosing and performing common adjustments and repairs, including flat tires, braking and shifting systems.

Other Trainings

Other SRTS trainings are available through the MN SRTS Program, MN Crossing Guard , MN School Patrol , and SRTS Academy are just a few.