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Walk! Bike! Fun!
Program Overview

The Walk! Bike! Fun! Program continues to be funded through the  Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program as well as through the Minnesota Department of Health.

Goals for the Walk! Bike! Fun! Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Curriculum

Increase the number of students who safely walk and bicycle to school and in their community

Increase safety of youth pedestrians and bicyclists

Improve the lives of children by improving health, learning capacity, and independence

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Six great benefits for children walking or biking to school

Increase Academic Achievement

Research shows that students who exercise before school concentrate better in class.

Increase Happiness

Children that engage in physical activity are more likely to be happy.

Lower Carbon Footprint

A whole school committed to walking and biking can make an enormous impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and harmful pollutants.

Help Reduce Traffic Crashes

The benefit of schools that teach walking and bicycling skills result in up to a forty-nine percent decrease in childhood pedestrian and bicycle collision rates.

Foster Independence

Children who walk or bike to school are more likely to walk to other destinations in the neighborhood.

Increase Physical Activity

The CDC recommends that children get sixty minutes of physical activity every day.

A Modular Curriculum for Minnesota

Developed by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota

The Minnesota Walk! Bike! Fun! Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum is a modular curriculum designed specifically for Minnesota’s schools and youth education programs, and meets MN Physical Education Standards and Benchmarks. Walk! Bike! Fun! lessons teach school-aged kids about pedestrian and bicycle safety to walk and ride confidently in their community.