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Walk! Bike! Fun! for Families

The Walk! Bike! Fun! (WBF) program includes a curriculum used by educators to teach children of all abilities ages five to thirteen learn traffic rules and regulations, the potential hazards to traveling on foot and on bike, and physical skills needed to bike and walk safely and confidently through their community.

Adult volunteers from the community can be Ambassadors in the WBF Program by offering children opportunities to walk and bike to school through involvement in a Walking School Bus or Bike Train, invite everyone in the family to a Walk and Bike Rodeo, or present to a group of children with engaging activities about how to check a bike for maintenance issues and the best fit for a bike helmet.

My kids are so excited to practice walking and biking during school, and are enthusiastic to involve our whole family once they come home.

– Erin L, parent of 5th and 3rd graders

It’s everywhere in MN!

Join teachers and educators who enable children to reap the benefits of walking and biking in their communities.

Walk! Bike! Fun! School Curriculum

Does your child’s school use Walk! Bike! Fun! ? This Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum is a two-part curriculum designed specifically for Minnesota’s schools and youth education programs. Learn more about the school-based WBF curriculum and encourage the educators in your child’s life to check it out!

Parents and families

can play a key role in starting or supporting Safe Routes To School by including Walk! Bike! Fun! in your child’s school, volunteering to go with your child’s class on a bike ride or or organizing a Walking School Bus. Learn more about how to get involved to help your child walk or bike safely and get to school ready to learn.

A walking school bus in New Ulm, Minnesota. Students, families, and educators gather behind a yellow walking school bus sign on a path outdoors.

The Walk! Bike! Fun! Ambassador’s Guide

is a collection of exciting and best practice activities for youth biking and walking education. These initiatives and activities can be done in conjunction with an existing WBF program in your child’s school or as an independent effort. Learn more about the Guide and how you can get started being a WBF Ambassador in your community.

Visualizing SRTS in MN

Learn what Safe Routes To School plans or actions have been taken by communities across Minnesota.

This map displays Safe Routes to School work in Minnesota funded by MnDOT and other sources, including infrastructure projects, plans, bike fleets, Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum trainees, participation in walk and bike encouragement events, and more.