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Welcome to the 2022 Walk! Bike! Fun! Curriculum

The Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum at BikeMN’s office

Alongside BikeMN’s new adaptive bicycle fleet, we are excited to announce the launch of our newly updated Walk! Bike! Fun! Bicycle and Pedestrian Curriculum. We have added twice as many lesson sets uniquely suited for each grade level, updates to our adaptive learning lessons, and a new lesson about public safety. This work was made possible thanks to funding from a Minnesota Department of Transportation contract with the Center for Disease Prevention.

Thanks to this support, Angela Olson, Helena Howard, and CJ Lindor, BikeMN’s Education Director, associate, and Manager worked with a team of professionals from around the country to create updates for each lesson. New components of the curriculum include: 

  • Twice as many lessons uniquely differentiated by grade levels: K-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade
  • Activity Adaptations provide different ways to help teach the activity or skill by using a different piece of equipment or making modifications.
  • Tips to Differentiated Learning to help educators provide all students within their diverse classroom a range of different avenues for understanding new information. 
  • Adaptive Toolkit which provides a jumping-off point for using the curriculum with people with disabilities and a list of common bike adaptations.
Educators can request a physical or digital copy of the Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum (Freeda, BikeMN’s office pup, not included).

Educators who have completed an Educator Training with the new curriculum can submit a request for physical copies of the curriculum guide. Educators who have already participated in a Walk! Bike! Fun! Training are encouraged to participate this season to brush up on their existing knowledge and to be led through our updated curriculum.  A digital copy of the Walk! Bike! Fun! 2022 Curriculum is available for download upon request.

All educators who have completed the Walk! Bike! Fun! Educator Training can request adaptive and non-adaptive bike fleet rentals, co-teaching facilitation, and basic bicycle maintenance training throughout the school year and summer.