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Richfield Educators Participate in Walk! Bike! Fun! Training to Teach Safe Biking and Walking

Everyone deserves a fair chance at living their healthiest life possible. Bicycling can help you stay healthy and have fun, but having access to a bike that fits your needs (and knowing how to use it safely) makes all the difference. Last month, the Education Team with BikeMN held trainings for the educators of students across Richfield Public Schools about the Walk! Bike! Fun! Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum. The training was held in Richfield, MN, and prepares physical education teachers and other educators on how to pass on essential lessons, including how to safely cross the road, responsible riding, parts of a bike, and more.

This training will help educators teach children ages five to 13 how to be safe pedestrians and bicyclists through age-specific classroom lessons and activities, and on-the-bike skills practice. The goal of this curriculum, which BikeMN created in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, is to build students’ confidence with walking and biking and help them stay safe, active and healthy.

“In Richfield, we want the basics of pedestrian and bicycle safety to be universally known by the young people who live here. That’s why we were so excited to host a Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum training. Not only did we get all of our local school district’s PE teachers together to learn, but we also encouraged community organizations and city agencies to participate. Now there are credentialed educators talking about safe ways to get around town in school gymnasiums, neighborhood parks, and cultural institutions.”

Will Wlizlo, Safe Routes To School Coordinator For Richfield Public Schools

Youth use the streets for bicycling every day. Yet roads can be hazardous and children are not formally educated to skillfully maneuver on the streets. With lessons from this curriculum, teachers will have what they need to teach students traffic rules and regulations, potential hazards, and skills needed to walk and bike safely through their community. The extensive road, and specifically on-the-bicycle lessons offered by this program are designed to increase bike ridership, physical activity, and safe and predictable riding among youth.

Interested in hosting a Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum training? Apply to host a training today! After completing the training, educators can request a variety of technical support offered by BikeMN, including co-teaching support, basic bike maintenance training, and bike fleet rentals. Encouraging biking and pedestrian safety is not limited to educators, BikeMN’s Ambassador Program includes a guide and optional trainings to support families, community members, and advocates facilitating biking and walking initiatives.