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Bike Fleet Guide & Reservations

To support Bike Education efforts throughout Minnesota, BikeMN operates and manages several fully-equipped shared bicycle fleets and an adaptive bike library.

Reserving Bikes

The bike fleets include approximately 40 bicycles in a range of sizes suitable for people ages 10 and above.

Fleets also include helmets, air pump, repair tools, and basic programming supplies (eg cones, chalk, stop/slow signs). The adaptive bike library includes a variety of specialty biking equipment to support people with mobility limitations which can be loaned out on an individual basis for variable periods of time.

BikeMN’s shared bike equipment is intended preferentially to be used by WBF-trained teachers and other educators for Walk! Bike! Fun! lessons and activities; educators who have completed WBF training are eligible to request the bike fleets and/or adaptive bikes for use at no cost. Depending on availability, the bike fleets may be available to other groups at a standard rental rate. For further information or to inquire about technical assistance, please email or

Download a copy of the Bicycle Fleet Guide

Creating and managing a bike fleet can be a very challenging process so BikeMN and the Minnesota Department of Transportation have collaborated on a new resource, the “Bicycle Fleet Guide.”

This guide is a user-friendly guide for the creation, installation, and management of bicycle fleets. This resource is meant to provide individuals and organizations guidelines and overall information regarding the assembly and upkeep of a shared bike fleet of 5-50 bikes.

The bike fleet model has been successful thus far in many schools around the metro and Greater Minnesota through the Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum, and the guide seeks to provide an invaluable resource for schools looking to obtain and or start their own bike fleet.  The Bicycle Fleet Guide was developed by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota through a Safe Routes to School contract provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.