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Winston County Gravel Cup

Whether you choose the 40-, 60-, or 100-mile route, you will not be disappointed with the unique experience this ride will provide. Mainly gravel, with only a touch of pavement, you will travel through wooded lanes, challenging climbs, and open valleys to discover the incredible views this area has to offer.

This ride is whatever you make of it. Whether you choose to set a personal record or a personal goal to finish, all riders of all skill levels are welcome. If you want to race, go nuts. We will be timing the event. If you want to go for a fantastic ride with friends, also, go nuts. This is about having a good time.


Sep 23 - 24 2022


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Houston Nature Center, 215 W Plum St., Houston, MN, 55943, United States